Melissa W. (meganpenworthy) wrote in survivethis,
Melissa W.

Ep #54 Season 5 A Day In the Death

I joined this community today cause I love OZ. I started watching 2 years ago when I rented season one. Then a year later started again with season one when I saw that through HBO On Demand that they have episodes available. I like to watch the interplay. I don't have a favorite character because I can love and hate each character.

Possible Spoiler if you haven't watched this far...

I watched this episode on HBO on demand last nite. I still am highly irritated that Beecher was set up and is now back in prison. He loves Keller so much that he didn't even think that Keller would betray him to the police and get him back into OZ. Just because Keller was bored. If Keller really loved Beecher, he'd be happy that Beecher was out and living his life. But Keller is selfish.
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