Irene - Would you like me t try?

B/K icon collage

So, because my dear OZ boys were a little bit pissed off with me - it's a while I don't talk of them -, here's a printable icon collage dedicated to them I made some months ago.

Once you print it on photopaper, the effect is veeeeery nice, I've got them on my wall since months. ;)

Click on the pic for the BIG version and enjoy! :D

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Chris&Toby - Kill ya?

B/K gift

This is a very exclusive Xmas gift for all of you, my OZ-addicted podmates.
The wonderful B/K bacsktage scene from 6x07 "Junkyard Dawgs", reviewed by Rollina. ;)

See more here on my lj! ;)
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