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survivethis's Journal

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Oswald State Penitentiary
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This is a community dedicated to the hit HBO series, "Oz." This may contain nudity, profanity, and spoilers. If you have a problem with this, please leave now. If not, JOIN DAMNIT!

Administered by rockysullivan.
agamemnon busmalis, anthony chisholm, arnold jackson, augustus hill, austin pendleton, b.d. wong, betty lynn buckley, blake robbins, burr redding, carlos leon, carlos martinez, carmen guerra, cell block 5, charles pancamo, chico, christopher keller, christopher meloni, chuck zito, chucky the enforcer, cyril o'reily, david zayas, dean winters, dena atlantic, doctor gloria nathan, dr gloria nathan, eamonn walker, eddie malavarca, eleanor o'connor, ellen mcelduff, em city, enrique morales, ernie hudson, evan seinfeld, father ray makuda, fbi, floria mills, george morfogen, goodson truman, governor james devlin, granville adams, harold perrineau, hbo, henry stanton, j.k. simmons, james robson, jaz hoyt, jeremiah cloutier, jerome preston bates, jerome van dyke, jia kenmin, kareem said, kirk acevedo, kristin rohde, lauren velez, lee tergesen, leo glynn, liam meaney, luke perry, martin montgomery, martin querns, maximum security, michael wright, miguel alvarez, miss sally, moneyball, officer claire howell, officer dave brass, officer diane wittlesey, officer jason armstrong, officer joseph mineo, officer keaton, officer sean murphy, officer travis smith, omar white, oswald, otto sanchez, oz, peter criss, peter schibetta, philip v scozzarella, poet, prison, r.e. rodgers, rita moreno, robert clohessy, robert john burke, robert rebadow, ryan o'reily, scott dugan, scott william winters, seth meier, sister peter marie reimondo, special agent pierce, suzanne fitzgerald, terry kinney, tessell williams, the mole, thomas g. waites, tim mcmanus, timmy kirk, timothy l brown, tobias beecher, vernon schillinger, whitney allen, william giles, zahir arif, zeljko ivanek

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